Tuesday, September 6, 2011

C'est la vie What's Best for Me ~ Reach my opinion

I haven't wrote in a while. I have been doing a lot of research. I am glad to see some people waking up. The world has so many issues caused mainly from greed. I'll start with Adoption. People place an order for a newborn infant or womb wets as I call them, some are willing to get an older child that is several months old to about 5 years old but prefer to do this internationally so they don't have the drama of dealing with the mother at all. If you can buy children you have to ask where these children are coming from, and why are you willing to adopt them. Can't answer honestly? I'm infertile and I want a child, as a child I was told you can't always have everything you want. Own up to your mistakes. Had abortions as a young lady or adult, put off having kids to long, unhealthy and can't conceive that's your problem not anybody elses.
Adoption should be rare and definitely not a multi million or multi billion dollar industry. CPS is another place doing forced adoptions. CPS anybody willing to provide false testimony needs to be shot at point blank range in the face and I am sure there will be plenty of men and women willing to pull the trigger. I care less about privacy when my kid is being kidnapped by the government claiming to protect my privacy. I want a trial by a jury of my peers. And by peers they must have at least 1 or more children they raised. If I am doing wrong by my child I want to be held criminally liable, but how on earth are you going to place my child for adoption when I can't even get a fair hearing and the social worker and state gets a bonus for each child place.
Child abuse isn't going up. Define abuse, is yelling or screaming really abuse? Emotional Abuse, come on every thing you say or do can cause emotional abuse to somebody. Physical abuse, it's legal to spank your kid, but if you slap them it's abuse where the hell is your logic. Physical abuse should be burns, cuts, broken bones cause by the parent with intention to harm the child. Not by your kid brushing up on the oil heater. Assault charges should follow if the parent(s) are harming the child. Sexual abuse the child needs to be taken and criminal charges need to be filed asap no ifs ands or butts about it. Neglect, hmm if the parents already applied for grants to repair the home then the state should be held accountable for giving money to investors and not people residing in neighborhood. If the parents aren't feeding their children do they qualify for food stamps if not are there local food banks to help feed the family. Dirty house, well the kids are likely the ones that caused the mess. If it is a health risk like feces on floor walls or other parts the children should be removed and parents should take a free tax payer paid parental course. If the house has mold and causing the children to be sick condemn the building until it is otherwise repaired and help with section 8 housing. Parents don't have a permanent resident, leave them the hell alone if they chose to live in a car, camper, or hotel it is there choice its there family. If you don't think that is the life style your parents should of provided then move on and get the mcmasion on your own dime. Parents use drugs 1. are they feeding their children 2 do they have a roof over the child's head 3. does the child have clothes on their backs? if yes to all three leave the child alone unless it is being sexually or physically abused. YOUR BIBLE SAYS NOT TO JUDGE! I covered abuse, neglect I think I got it pretty much covered.
Now lets move on to the economy. What was better about the depression than now? 50% of people were self employed, people prided themselves in made by America. Where does your cheap stuff say it comes from? China? Yikes! You want the economy to get better, well stay at home parents it's time you learn what your job used to be like and probably should still be (unless if you are like Texas and under extreme drought) It is time to wash the clothes and hang them line dry, it is time to garden, don't go throwing that baby out with bath water but please use that bath water to water your garden and other plants. Well don't quit on us yet momma, it's time to do the dishes ~ save some water and electric and hand wash them one side of the sink with soapy water and the other with water. You can towel dry or air dry and don't forget to put them away. Wow you're quick you did laundry, gave the kids a bath, watered the garden and did the dishes now it's time to cook. Let stretch this budget rice, scrabbled eggs, salt or soy sauce, garlic powder and onion powder and it tastes pretty good but it could be better better chop up some carrots, peas, and bell peppers. perfect we knew it was missing something. Tomorrow left over rice better soak those red or white beans for tomorrow's dinner.
OK you are working your job is going nowhere you hate it there bills are tight now its hard to find a job in this economy. But there is hope hey some guy on the Internet says he made millions by being the middle man for advertisers and customers. Well that was his niche you should look for yours. OK your a great cook but don't have a lot of money. Can you find an old camper trailer and make concession cart/trailer. While you limit how many items you can charge less and make a great product. Are you the best kabob maker in town, you'll find out for sure but gotta make sure you have all the proper permits. Looking to start the business for less than $10K well it requires manual labor. Go ahead buy that old camper that needs to be gutted anyways. OK you paid the $1K for the camper you and some buddies bashed up anything you couldn't salvage bye bye cabinets smash. But you saved 2 sinks, the plumbing, the toilet, the A/C works you lucked out. But you need a refrig omg $1.5K no one said it would cheap. You go and get some 1 by 2s and build the bathroom and closet and small break room, do you really hate your boss this much. Yep, you finish all the repairs and bought all the equipment $4K that was a pretty penny but have don't forget you need to get the food handler certificate, the health department inspection, the fire safety inspection, and the permit ouch another $1k, OK time to price out food estimates are more than $1000 a month but lets start with a three day supply at a time so you don't anything rot, you already put so much money in. Advertising. Free on craigslist. Advertised free samples on craigslist, ad in the newspaper, you did remember to make sure there was a demand for your products right?
OK so you're not to much into cooking but you have a lot to say. You'll see about being a free lance journalist or yet a blogger and get paid to have advertisements along the articles you are writing. Don't expect a lot of money but heck it's better than nothing but you better start networking if you want that 2 cents per click by your friends. Ouch headache you didn't know if they click on your ads they'll want you to click on theirs.
Maybe you're not a writer or a cook. OK you are good with your hands, advertise bingo craigslist, have a truck they need a pick up truck to pick up and drop off. $10 an hour plus tip total comes to $35 after 2 hours of loading, driving, and unloading. OK you have a lawn mower, cutting grass $50 after 2 hours and 4 yards. is it worth it to be your own boss? Still yes.
Home daycare. You're great with kids, you already did the chores last night you can handle a couple extra rug rats at the house wow, 2 extra kids $125 a week equals $1000 a month. Pretty easy money unless you don't like kids.
You're a nurse you could start a home business with limited clients. Pay isn't the highest but the stress level is gone because you have a manageable patient load and they are getting quality care and that's what truly matters.
You just graduated. You can become a live in nanny but the pay ain't that great, another person needs a live in care giver pays decent.
There are so many opportunities sometimes we just don't see them all.

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