Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas = money

What's the meaning of Christmas? Why are retailers profitting from this time of year. I thought Christmas was about the birth of Christ (for Christians at least) and not CELEBRATING Pagean holidays, Does not the bible forbid bringing a Tree into your house? Does it not warn of celebrating false Gods. Oh well who cares. Most of these Christians only claim to be at christmas, why is that? do they want the holiday off?

Thinking back there was a court case where a Guy wanted a day off for athenist. The judge told him there was already a holiday for him, April 1st, Fools Day as the bible states for any man that does not believe in me is a fool or something like that (rolling my eyes) Don't understand why MEN think everybody needs to think the same way. LOOK YOU CAN NOT PROVE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER THAT THERE IS OR IS NOT A GOD! Lets please understand that my sense of reasoning and understanding is different from yours.

Ok back to Christmas - Why Do we feel the need to shower others with gifts (that they do not need, do not want, and can not use) I could understand parents celebrating the 12 days of christmas with new underwear, socks, shirts, pants, jackets, thermals, and NEW school supplies and maybe 1 to 3 toys if their child was very well behaved that year (Yes if YOUR child is a bully that MEANS NO PRESENTS like TOYS) Toys are rewards and not everybody deserves them. Then again it could be due to bad parenting.

Generic is cheaper and just as good as name brand - I've seen it go both ways, where the name brand was made crappy and the generic was awesome and I have seen it where generic the threads were falling out and the name brand threads were strong and tough. TIP: when shopping INSPECT anything you plan to buy it will SAVE YOU TIME, ENERGERY, and Money (from the gas you will have to spend to return it)

When shopping for yourself: TRY IT ON BEFORE YOU BUY IT,why because while it looks great on the dummy person we are all SHAPED DIFFERENTLY. You gotta like the fit, the look, and the shape. If it is to short PUT BACK. Rather spend time getting the perfect fit then spend money to sit in your closet because you don't like the fit.

Look women I hate to break it to you, perfume, make-up, jewerly, hair, and clothes don't make you look any better than you already are. Guess what DRAWS men to us? Confidence! So do yourself and your wallets a favor - spend money only when you have to. MEN if you are listening treat your woman to the spa for a great massage, pedicure, manicure and while she is there go home and fix dinner hire a baby sitter and buy a bottle of wine and candles. Yes women loved to be pampered. I know men know how to massage a woman but you tend to screw it up so you can hurry up and get your massage thats why I suggest paying for the spa.

So remember if you don't need it put it back. Live with in your means. Talk to ya later MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEARS! And watch out Santa knows if you been naughty or nice.

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