Monday, December 21, 2009

What's best for me

What's Best for Me? Well I wonder if people sat down and took a look at themselves and their spend habits what would they learn? Maybe you qualify for government benefits but refuse to apply. Maybe you are overpaying for your services like cable, internet, cell phones, home phones, electric, and car insurance. Consumers forget they are powerful. Companies want to make you happy so that you will stick with them. Planners and Savers earn more money in the long run than spenders. Makes sense doesn't it?

  • Pay interest on credit card debt
  • Spend cash
  • May pay bills late


  • Earn interest on saving
  • Invest cash in stock market earning more money
  • Automatically withdraw bills from bank account avoiding late fees

So even if a spender earns more money a saver can earn more money in the long run by saving and be ready for retirement. Savers and Spenders can live together peacefully. It's called separate bank accounts and allowances just like you got when you were a child.

I am getting ready to take an accounting course in January. I plan to learn more about the subject and adjust my life to that. To save money I think I will start a garden this fall. I will plant bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, watermelons, lettuce, and cucumbers.

I am hypoglcemic so I NOW have to watch my sugaar intake. Bye Bye White bread, rice, cakes, sodas, chips, fried foods, and white pasta. Meats and veggies are my friend now. LOL.

I like to know about health, adoption, and money matters including smart saving and spending!

These are the few things I like learning about and reading up on. Thanks for following along.

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